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In contrast to A Scottish Past Master's Jewel this is a Past Master's Jewel of an English Lodge (image on the right-hand side) albeit one founded for ex-patriate Scots in London. There are many different kinds of Masonic jewels, many people would describe them as medals, but Freemasonry has it's own vocabulary, ritual, symbolism - in fact it has an entire 'language' of it's own jewels are one small part of that language.A Past Master's jewel is that which is awarded to someone who has served as Master of a Lodge.Matured by a special process dating to over a century ago, it produces a unique natural aroma and piquant flavor.This is a potent tobacco, right at home next to all your other nightcaps.

Although the symbolism remains standard (although there are occasional exceptions) Scottish Craft jewels (including Past Master's jewels as above) invariably reflect the colour(s) of the Lodge's regalia - something that we shall discuss in more detail when we come to consider Lodge aprons etc.

Other jewels have different purposes and therefore different symbolism.

Examples of these are those worn by Founder Members of a Lodge and can only be worn by such members.

In addition there are numerous items kindly donated by Freemasons or their relatives and it is by this means that the collection primarily continues to grow.

On this page we shall display some choice items reflecting the 'eclectic nature of the collection but also in an attempt to demonstrate the range of items held in the Museum, and a lesser extent, the Library, and in so doing show how Scottish Freemasonry different is different from that practised in other parts of the world.

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There is one other type of jewel and these do not relate to Lodges but rather to Grand Lodge, Provincial Grand and District Lodges and Lodges last but not least ones which do not 'fit' any other category.