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In the following years, Seurat extended his understanding of color theory and the effects of color on the human eye.

He also studied the brushwork of Romantic painter Seurat began to apply his theoretical research to compositions executed between 18, culminating in his first major painting project, the Bathers at Asnières (1884).

Seurat attended the Academy from February 1878 until November 1879.And Seurat's technique was similar, employing tiny juxtaposed dots of multi-colored paint that allow the viewer's eye to blend colors optically, rather than having the colors blended on the canvas or pre-blended as a material pigment.The artist said that his ambition was to "make modern people in their essential traits move about as they do on [ancient Greek] friezes and place them on canvases organized by harmonies." But the classicism of the Bathers is gone from La Grand Jatte; instead the scene has a busy energy, and, as critics have often noted, some of the figures are depicted at discordant scales.This monumental canvas depicted a group of workers relaxing by the Seine and was based on numerous small oil sketches and figure studies.The final composition is an accomplished rendition of the light and atmosphere of high summer.

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Later he grew more interested in Gothic art and popular posters, and the influence of these on his work make it some of the first modern art to make use of such unconventional sources for expression.