Sex chats with old women best speed dating in san francisco

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If a man is in a relationship with an older woman, he's usually there because of her personality just as much as her looks.7.An older woman will miss out on her "golden years" while he's establishing his career.Cougars like their freedom, and younger men are more apt to be comfortable in a less traditional relationship.

A cougar exudes self-confidence, which makes her a highly desirable conquest to a younger man.

Often it's the younger man who approaches the older woman in hopes of a purely sexual, no-strings-attached relationship.

Contrary to popular belief, the older woman isn't the predator — in fact, it's the quite opposite.2.

A cougar is going to get old and become unattractive to the younger man.

Giphy Cougars keep physically fit and tend to look much younger than their actual age.

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"Like any atypical relationship, there will be people who support the couple's choices and those who put it down.

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  1. The site repeatedly stresses that it is 100 percent discreet. It has a system like that of Ok Cupid (albeit more advanced) where a user is given questionnaires to determine their compatibility to another user.