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This option is available on all form types: New, Edit, Display.expression allows to change the visibility of any selectable controls at run-time based on some condition.expression is used to specify the condition when a field's value must be set before the form can be submitted.For example, you can specify that users must fill in an "Explanation" field when the leave requests "Reason" field is "Other": = Reason == "Other" This option is available only on New and Edit forms.

Updates: Regarding the issue at #2346773, as of 8.2.7, that patch does not resolve the issue.

I attempted to back-port the patch, but there were dependencies outside of the scope of that patch that I could not track down.


As an example, a field can be shown only when the field 'Status' is set to 'Active': =Status=='Active' This option is available on all form types: New, Edit, Display.I have updated the patch to fix a few errors, and added support for details elements.This whole thing is a bit of a mess and desperately needs to be refactored (and JS be put in the right places) but for now lets focus on getting them all working.I have tried so many different variables at this point trying to get this to work because bothdenials would be happening at different times - different stages of theworkflow - and in different tabs of the form.I have even tried the Validationrule of: is Null Or Empty(Reasonfor Denial)||is Null Or Empty(Reasonfor Final Denial) Is this impossible because my form is set up with panels connected to the tabs at the top?

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Hi, HTML5 validation ("please fill out this field") for required fields which are currently not part of the visible group appears on top left corner of page: When using required fields and - the value is left empty - the value is not on an visible group It would be nice if it appeared next to the tab which contains the required field or if possible open the tab, make the respective field visible before display.

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