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Dating wtih respect

Recently I was coaching two separate clients who are both having a hard time letting go of an ex-partner.In both cases, their exes are done with the relationship, but my clients do not want to let go.

The other client does not contact his ex, but responds when she reaches out to him. They are holding onto the hope that their relationships can still be revived somehow, although they have received no indication that this is possible.I miss them both so much I live with alot of pain and regret I have not been outside in sixteen months it hurt so much the world looks and feels so different.The holidays are the worst for me I can’t look anyone in the face it reminds me of what I don’t have any more.In neither case could the ex give an apology, or acknowledge the love.Using a variety of coaching techniques, I worked with both of them (without their exes) to help fulfill these needs.

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She never reaches out to revive the relationship, just to touch base on the phone, by text or email. If a person is considering getting back together with you, or trying again, they will let you clearly know.