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This 4-disc set gives practical and straight-forward advice that singles need to make the right decisions when it comes to dating and marriage.

"This teaching has the potential to change the world. If we get this into the hearts and minds of single people in the Christian community today, it will stop the divorce, it will stop the insanity, it will stop the immorality, it will stop the destructive behavior.If we get this out there, it's going to be a life changer."--Mark Gungor This series is for all singles from age 16-90 with an eye toward marriage—whether you are a young person just starting to date, divorced or widowed.It’s also a great resource for parents looking for the biblical wisdom to instruct and guide their sons and daughters on the path to a successful married future.Please feel free to invite your single friends, family, co-workers and neighbors.Each week we will watch a video based on the featured topic; in community (both large group and small), we will discuss a series of thoughtful questions to encourage insightful conversations.

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In this 10 week series, together with Chip Ingram, we will be able to ask and answer the question: “Do wrong beliefs produce wrong behavior?

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