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If an owner cannot be present during the inspection, a manager shall act in his place.

During inspection, dogs must be restrained at all times.

The lease between the owner and tenant or tenants involving a rental dwelling unit shall have attached a copy of "Regulations of Landowner-Tenant Rights." If a lease between owner and tenant or tenants is not used, the owner shall still provide a copy of "Regulations of Landowner-Tenant Rights" to the adult tenant or tenants.

As an adult tenant of a rental dwelling unit, regarding that rental dwelling unit and the residential rental property of which the rental dwelling unit is a part, it shall be the duty of the adult tenant at all times to: Maintain the cleanliness and sanitary conditions on parts of the residential rental property of which they have access or control; properly dispose of trash; and care for and clean after household pets if pets are allowed by the landlord.

It shall be unlawful for any person either as owner or manager to rent or continue to rent any residential dwelling unit within the Borough of Towanda, Pennsylvania, without having a rental operating license as required by this chapter.

A nonrefundable fee, if specified in § 221-6, for such inspection shall accompany this.

The initial license shall be valid for a period of three years.

The license specifies: address, owner and phone number, manager and phone number (if applicable), inspection date, inspection officer, total number which form a part or all said real property, total number of approved units, expiration date, and any applicable fees as specified in § 221-6.

Keep and maintain the residential rental property in compliance with the Code of the Borough of Towanda, Pennsylvania, and all ordinances of the Borough of Towanda Pennsylvania, and all federal and state laws and regulations as the same relate to public health, safety and welfare.

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Any owner who does not ensure that said application is submitted within 60 days of the effective date of this chapter will be in violation of this chapter, and subject to fines as specified in § 221-10 if said occupancy continues beyond said 60 days.